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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Industrial Manufacturing of CsI(Tl) Large Diameter CrystalsZaslavsky, Boris G.; Grinyov, Boris V.; Suzdal, Victor S.; Kudin, Alexander M.; Solomaha, Yuriy A.; Vasetsky, Sergey I.
2001Influence of polyatomic impurity ions on the growth process of alkali iodide crytalsKudin, Alexander M.; Zaslavsky, Boris G.; Vasetsky, Sergey I.; Kolesnikov, Alexander V.
2009Known and new scintillation materials on a base of CsI:Tl crystalKudin, Alexander M.; Borodenko, Yuriy A.; Kolesnikov, Alexander V.; Zaslavsky, Boris G.; Mitichkin, Anatoly I; Shpilinskaya, Alexandra L.; Trefilova, Larisa N.
2006Optical and Scintillation Properties of CsI:Tl,Eu CrystalsKudin, Alexander M.; Mitichkin, Anatoly I.; Charkina, Tamara A.; Cherginets, Victor L.; Zaslavsky, Boris G.; Vasetsky, Sergey I.
2009Radiation tolerance and afterglow of CsI:Tl crystals codoped with NO2 -ionsGrinyov, Boris V.; Zaslavsky, Boris G.; Kudin, Alexander M.; Borodenko, Yury A.
2001Scintillation and mechanical properties of CsI:Tl,Br crystals pulled from meltZaslavsky, Boris G.; Vasetsky, Sergej I.; Kudin, Alexander M.; Gres’, Valeriya Yu; Shpilinskaya, Larisa N.; Charkina, Tamara A.
2001Scintillation response of CsI(Tl) and CsI(Na) crystals on excitation by X-rays and low energy gamma-raysKudin, Alexander M.; Ananenko, Andrej A.; Vyday, Yuriy T.; Gres', Valeria Yu.; Zaslavsky, Boris G.; Zosim, Dmitry I.
2005The influence of gaseous atmosphere composition on heat transfer at pulling CsI crystalsZaslavsky, Boris G.; Vasetsky, Sergej I.; Kolesnikov, Alexander V.; Grinyov, Boris V.; Mitichkin, Anatoly I; Kudin, Alexander M.; Voloshko, Alexander Yu.