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Title: Thermodynamics of Solid-Phase Exchange Reactions Limiting the Subsolidus Structure of the System MgO-Al2O3-FeO-TiO2
Authors: Миргород, Оксана Володимирівна
Borisenko, Oksana
Logvinkov, Sergey
Shabanova, Galina
Keywords: the multicomponent systems, the thermodynamic analysis, the subsolidus structure
Issue Date: Jul-2021
Publisher: Problems of Emergency Situations: Materials and Technologies
Citation: Materials Science Forum Vol. 1038
Series/Report no.: Trans Tech Publications Ltd, Switzerland, 2021;p.p. 177-184
Abstract: The basis of modern materials science is multicomponent systems, on their basis it is possible to create various combinations of phases in structural materials with a set of specified properties. The investigated system MgO – Al2O3 – FeO – TiO2 is promising for the production of periclase-spinel refractories used as lining of rotary kilns during cement clinker firing, which are highly resistant to chemical corrosion when exposed to a gas environment and cement clinker components; thermomechanical stresses. However, in the reference literature and scientific articles, no information was found on the structure of the four-component diagram of the state of the MgO – Al2O3 – FeO – TiO2 system, partial elements of its structure are given only in the composition of multicomponent systems [1-3]. Thus, research to the study of the subsolidus structure of the MgO – Al2O3 – FeO – TiO2 system, which is the physicochemical basis for the development of compositions of periclase-spinel refractories, is urgent.
ISSN: 1662-9752
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