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dc.contributor.authorАбрамов, Юрій Олексійович-
dc.contributor.authorБасманов, Олексій Євгенович-
dc.contributor.authorКривцова, Валентина Іванівна-
dc.contributor.authorМихайлюк, Андрій Олександрович-
dc.contributor.authorМихайлюк, Олександара Петрівна-
dc.description.abstractIn relation to the main element of the hydrogen storage and supply system based on the hydro-reacting composition – the gas generator – an algorithm for its control has been developed. The development of such an algorithm is carried out in three stages. At the first stage, the problem of formalizing the hydrogen generation process is solved. Formalization of this process is carried out using the transfer function of the gas generator. The use of the criterion for the minimum error of the mismatch of the given amplitude-frequency characteristics of the gas generator allows to represent its transfer function in the form of a transfer function of the inertial link. At the second stage, the problem of determining the conditions for the occurrence of self-oscillations in the pressure stabilization subsystem is solved. A prerequisite for the emergence of a self-oscillating mode of operation of the hydrogen storage and supply system is the presence of a relay static characteristic of the pressure sensor. For the characteristic parameters of such a system, the ranges of values of the parameters of self-oscillations, frequencies and amplitudes, are determined. For these parameters, analytical expressions are obtained, which include the main parameters of the pressure stabilization subsystem in the hydrogen storage and supply system. At the third stage, the problem of forming a gas generator control algorithm is solved. As a test action in the implementation of the control algorithm, self-oscillations in the pressure stabilization subsystem are used. The control algorithm for the gas generator of the hydrogen storage and supply system includes determining the parameters of self-oscillations and comparing their values with the values obtained a priori. A typical diagram of a hydrogen storage and supply system is presented, in which the developed gas generator control algorithm is implementedru_RU
dc.relation.ispartofseriesEUREKA: Physics and Engineering;2-
dc.subjecthydrogen storage and supply systemru_RU
dc.subjectgas generatorru_RU
dc.subjectself-oscillating mode of operationru_RU
dc.subjectself-oscillation parametersru_RU
dc.subjectcontrol algorithmru_RU
dc.titleDeveloping an algorithm for monitoring gas generators of hydrogen storage and supply systemsru_RU
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