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dc.contributor.authorTSYMBAL, BOHDAN-
dc.contributor.authorDROHOMERETSKA, IRYNA-
dc.contributor.authorSAKHAROVA, KATERINA-
dc.contributor.authorSEROHINA, NATALIIA-
dc.descriptionJ O U R N A L O F I N T E R D I S C I P L I N A R Y R E S E A R C Huk_UA
dc.description.abstractModern challenges and dangers necessitate the protection of the interests of the country's population and entail the need for state participation in ensuring the optimal level of social protection and security for the individual. The problem of ensuring social security in the public administration system in Ukraine has been extremely relevant throughout the entire period of its existence. Moreover, this problem has become particularly acute during the Russian-Ukrainian war, and thus it requires an in-depth study. The research aims to substantiate the theoretical and applied foundations for identifying the problems of personal security as a component of social security in the system of public administration in Ukraine. The methodological basis of the study is based on the use of methods of economic analysis and fundamental scientific research, in particular: analysis, synthesis, scientific abstraction, comparison, system analysis, analogy, correlation and regression analysis, generalization, systematization, tabular and graphical methods. The results of the conducted research helped to establish a decrease in the level of personal security as a component of social security in the system of public administration in Ukraine. It is due to the destabilizing influence of military factors, a decrease in the purchasing power of incomes, an increase in unemployment, deepening poverty, and social inequality. It has been proven that the growth of unemployment and poverty in Ukraine has a significant impact on the quality of life index, which is manifested in its decline (the corresponding regression coefficients r= 5.58 and r= 2.10). At the same time, the decline in the growth rate of nominal and real wages also correlates with the quality of life index and causes its decline, as evidenced by the regression coefficients r= -7.70 and r= -10.30. It has been established that the increase in the level of social security of the individual can be achieved through a complete cessation of hostilities in Ukraine, stimulating the development of entrepreneurship, and strengthening the social protection of the population by public authorities.uk_UA
dc.subjectsocial security, personal security, public administration, security indicators, risks, threats, dangersuk_UA
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