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dc.contributor.authorКовальов, Андрій Іванович-
dc.contributor.authorОтрош, Юрій Анатолійович-
dc.contributor.authorСемків, Олег Михайлович-
dc.contributor.authorПоклонський, В.Г.-
dc.contributor.authorТоменко, Марина Григорівна-
dc.identifier.citationTrans Tech Publications Ltd. In Materials Science Forumuk_UA
dc.description.abstractA finite element model for thermal engineering calculation of fire-resistant multi-hollow reinforced concrete floor in the ANSYS software package has been developed. The model allows to evaluate the fire resistance of fire-resistant and unprotected reinforced concrete structures both under load and without it. With the help of the developed model, the heat engineering calculation of the fire-resistant reinforced concrete multi-hollow slab was carried out. The results of numerical simulation are compared with the results of experimental study of fire resistance. An approach is proposed that allows taking into account all types of heat transfer by specifying cavities as a solid body with an equivalent coefficient of thermal conductivity. The adequacy of the developed model was checked, as a result of which it was established that the calculated values of temperatures correlate satisfactorily with the experimental data. The largest deviation in the measurement of temperatures is observed at 100 minutes of calculation and is about 3 °C, which is 9 %.uk_UA
dc.publisherХарків,НУЦЗ Україниuk_UA
dc.subjectfire resistance, reinforced concrete structures, thermal calculation, numerical modeling, fire protection, fire protection coating, ANSYS.uk_UA
dc.titleResearch of Fire Resistance of Fire Protected Reinforced Concrete Structuresuk_UA
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