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dc.contributor.authorZaslavsky, Boris G.-
dc.contributor.authorVasetsky, Sergej I.-
dc.contributor.authorKolesnikov, Alexander V.-
dc.contributor.authorGrinyov, Boris V.-
dc.contributor.authorMitichkin, Anatoly I-
dc.contributor.authorKudin, Alexander M.-
dc.contributor.authorVoloshko, Alexander Yu.-
dc.identifier.citationFunctional materials 12, 1 (2005) 147-152ru_RU
dc.description.abstractInfluence of some poliatomic gases (H2O; CO2; C2H5OH) as well as inert (He; Ar) being used in traditionally in crystal growing on the heat transfer has been studied. It has been shown that gaseuos atmosphere composition in the furnace and state of growing crystal surface are the key factors in the heat tranfer and growth process stability.ru_RU
dc.subjectcrystal growthru_RU
dc.subjectheat transferru_RU
dc.subjectgaseous atmosphereru_RU
dc.subjectthermal conditionsru_RU
dc.titleThe influence of gaseous atmosphere composition on heat transfer at pulling CsI crystalsru_RU
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