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dc.contributor.authorVinograd, Eduard L.-
dc.contributor.authorGoriletsky, Valentin I.-
dc.contributor.authorKovaleva, Ludmila V.-
dc.contributor.authorKorsunova, Sophia P.-
dc.contributor.authorKudin, Alexander M.-
dc.contributor.authorMitichkin, Anatoly I.-
dc.contributor.authorPanova, Alexandra N.-
dc.contributor.authorShakhova, Klavdia V.-
dc.contributor.authorShpilinskaya, Larisa N.-
dc.identifier.citationPatent 97112901 China; 28.01.2000ru_RU
dc.description.abstractIt has been proposed a new scintillation material on a base of CsI:Tl crystal with low afterglow and hight radiation hardness.ru_RU
dc.publisherPatent office of Chinaru_RU
dc.subjectCsI:Tl Crystalru_RU
dc.subjectScintillation materialru_RU
dc.subjectradiation hardnessru_RU
dc.titleScintillation materials on a base of cesium iodide and methodb of its prepatationru_RU
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