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dc.contributor.authorOtrosh, Yuriy-
dc.contributor.authorVasilchenko, Alexey-
dc.contributor.authorKovalov, Andrey-
dc.contributor.authorAdamenko, Nikolay-
dc.contributor.authorDoronin, Evgeny-
dc.description.abstractThe problem of estimation of fire resistance of steel frame structures with intumescent coatings is considered. It implies that both physical properties of a covering (its thickness and structure) and mechanical properties of a metal structure change critically at heating. All above changes should be considered to maintain the standard values of fire resistance of a construction at calculation. Usually, known technical characteristics of fire resistance of intumescent coverings are used for estimation of fire resistance of steel structures with intumescent coverings. Importance of taking into account the influence of strength loss time at heating of a steel structure on calculation of fire resistance limit of system “intumescent fireproof coating – steel structure” is shown in the article. On an example of calculation of heating time to the critical temperature of steel columns and beams protected by intumescent coating, it is shown that own heating time of steel structures before they lose strength makes 10 to 16 % from a settlement limit of fire resistance. This fact should be considered at the forecast of fire resistance of steel frame structures with intumescent coatings.ru_RU
dc.publisherMATEC Web of Conferences 230, 02036 (2018)ru_RU
dc.subjectfire resistanceru_RU
dc.subjectintumescent coatingru_RU
dc.subjectmechanical propertiesru_RU
dc.subjectintumescent fireproof coatingru_RU
dc.titleFeature of fire resistance calculation of steel structures with intumescent coatingru_RU
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