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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Cluster Mechanism of the Explosive Processes Initiation in the MatterТрегубов, Д.Г.; Слепужніков, Є.Д.; Чиркіна, М.А.; Майборода, А.О.; Tregubov, D.
2022Cluster Structure Control of Coatings by Electrochemical Coprecipitation of Metals to Obtain Target Technological PropertiesТрегубов, Д.Г.; Hapon, Y.; Tregubov, D.; Слепужніков Є.Д.; Lypovyi, V.
2021Experimental Study of the Insulating Properties of a Lightweight Material Based on Fast-Hardening Highly Resistant Foams in Relation to Vapors of Toxic Organic FluidsPietukhov, R.; Kireev, O.; Tregubov, D.; Hovalenkov, S.
2023Galvanic Formation of the Triple Composition Coatings with Improved Functional PropertiesТрегубов, Д.Г.; Tregubov, D.; Гапон, Ю.К.; Hapon, Y.; Slepuzhnikov, Y.; Kharlamov, M.
2022Oscillation and Stepwise of Hydrocarbon Melting Temperatures as a Marker of their Cluster StructureТрегубов, Д.Г.; Trehubova, F.; Tregubov, D.; Deineka, V.; Tarakhno, O.
2023-06Radiation Treatment of Biological Origin MaterialsТрегубов, Д.Г.; Tregubov, D.
2023Relationship Between Properties of Floating Systems and Flammable Liquids in the Stopping Their Burning TechnologyТрегубов, Д.Г.; Дадашов, І.Ф.; Нуянзін, В.М.; Христич, О.В.; Мінська, Н.В.; Tregubov, D.
2023SUBSTANCES EXPLOSIVE PROPERTIES FORMATIONTregubov, D.; Minska, N.; Slepuzhnikov, E.; Hapon, Y.; Sokolov, D.; Слепужніков, Є.Д.