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Title: Galvanic Formation of the Triple Composition Coatings with Improved Functional Properties
Authors: Трегубов, Д.Г.
Tregubov, D.
Гапон, Ю.К.
Hapon, Y.
Slepuzhnikov, Y.
Kharlamov, M.
Keywords: depth index
catalytic activity
corrosion resistance
ternary alloy
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Trans Tech Publications
Citation: Hapon Y., Tregubov D., Slepuzhnikov Y., Kharlamov M. Galvanic Formation of the Triple Composition Coatings with Improved Functional Properties. Materials Science Forum. 2023. Vol. 1100. Р. 121 – 128.
Abstract: The article deals with the pulse electrolysis energy parameters effect on the current efficiency, phase composition and morphology of the cobalt with refractory metals – tungsten and molybdenum galvanic alloys surface. Synthesized coatings corrosion resistance and synthesized coatings catalytic activity testing results in various acidity media are presented. The obtained experimental data for the various composition alloy Co-Mo-W are compared with respective indicators for individual metals. The synergy effect presence due to the alloying elements mutual influence is experimentally established
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