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Title: Pollution of Urban Groundwater by Emerging Contaminants
Authors: Yermakovych, Iryna
Vystavna, Yuliya
Keywords: Urban springs
illicit drugs
emerging contaminants
Issue Date: Oct-2019
Publisher: IWA: Alliance House • 12 Caxton Street • London SW1H 0QS • United Kingdom
Abstract: The article is presented the contamination data by emerging contaminants in a shallow urban groundwater and forest groundwater located in Kharkiv region, Ukraine. The emerging contaminants as mainly illicit drugs were used as trace anthropogenic recharge tool of groundwater. Elevated the presence of emerging pollutants in most of urban springs confirmed the mixing of urban groundwater with sewage leakages in some springs. The contribution of sewage leakages leads to the urban groundwater contamination by emerging compounds that increase the risk for environmental and human health reducing its potential as pure drinking water source.
ISBN: 978-80-7592-054-6
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