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Title: Epoxidized Dinaphthol Application as the Basis for Binder with Advanced Carbonation Levelto Reducing its Flammability
Authors: Афанасенко, Костянтин Анатолійович
Ромін, Андрій Вячеславович
Ключка, Юрй Павлович
Липови, Володимир Олександрович
Keywords: carbonization, thermal destruction, carbon residue, infrared spectrum, weight loss, oxygen index, ignition temperature
Issue Date: Aug-2020
Publisher: Trans Tech Publicztion Ltd, Switzerland
Abstract: The possibility of using polymers based on epoxyphenolic binders to obtain fiberglass with an intense level of carbonization has been investigated. The correlation between the pyrolytic transformations intensity and the fire hazard indicators of polymers is shown. It is established that the conditions for the intensive passage of pyrolytic reactions are facilitated by the presence in the matrix system of conjugated aromatic (naphthalene) radicals. The C/H ratio in the carbonized layer is confirmed by the data of IR spectroscopy both at the preparation stage and after exposure to characteristic temperatures.
ISSN: 0255-5476
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