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Title: Collection of hospital wastewater data using deduplication approaches
Authors: Фещенко, Андрій Борисович
Неклонський, Ігор Михайлович
Khan, N.A.
Sinha, G.R.
Ahmed, S.
Changani, F.
Qureshi, A.
Mazhar, M.A.
Keywords: Statistics, Hospital wastewater, Medical waste, Deduplication, Approaches, Servers
Issue Date: Jul-2020
Publisher: Archives of Materials Science and Engineering
Citation: International Scientific Journal published monthly by the World Academy of Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
Series/Report no.: Volume 104 Issue 1 July 2020 Pages 5-18;
Abstract: Purpose: This investigation aims to study the various approaches currently used to reduce the load on computer servers in order to better manage data on hospital wastewater treatment and solid waste generation. Design/methodology/approach: This manuscript investigates the taxonomies of deduplication procedures based on literature and other data sources, thereby presenting its classification and its challenges in detection. Findings: Based on the literature survey of deduplication techniques, the method of deduplication dispensed on cloud gadget devices has been found to be a promising research challenge. The gaps discussed include a reduction in storage space, bandwidth, type of disks used, and expenditure on energy usage and heat emissions when implementing these strategies. The art work on a scalable, robust, green and allocated approach to deduplication for a cloud gadget will remain of interest in destiny. Research limitations/implications:Considerable attention is focused on the deduplication due to efficient, extensive storage system. Practical implications: This research paper will be useful to identify deduplication techniques which are nowadays used in different hospital wastewater data collection systems and put significant proposals for further improvements in deduplication. Originality/value: This manuscript portrays a broader assessment of the available literature for data duplication along with the classification of different methods for the data storage used in the different level of storage of hospital wastewater data collection.
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