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Title: Improvement of Fire Resistance of Polymeric Materials at their Filling with Aluminosilicates
Authors: Blyznyuk, Oleksandr
Vasilchenko, Alexey
Ruban, Artem
Bezuhla, Yuliia
Keywords: polymer composite material
medium-density polyethylene
epoxy oligomer
oxygen index
fire resistance
Issue Date: Aug-2020
Publisher: Trans Tech Publications Ltd, Switzerland
Citation: Materials Science Forum
Series/Report no.: Vol. 1006;pp 55-61
Abstract: Effect of content of synthetic aluminosilicates in medium-density polyethylene on the fire hazard characteristics and mechanical properties of compositions is investigated. It has been shown that during decomposition of the filler with the release of water, its effectiveness depends not only on the endothermic effect of decomposition and the content of dehydration products, but also on the correspondence of temperature of the dehydration of the filler and the temperature of intensive decomposition of the polymer. Regardless of the type of fillers, an increase in their content in polymer composite material helps to reduce combustibility. It has been shown that compositions based on epoxy oligomers or medium-density polyethylene and synthetic zeolite have properties of self-extinguish and fairly high physical and mechanical characteristics. It is shown that epoxy polymer composite material with the content of inorganic fillers 40-70 wt.% can be used for sealing building structures and other products operating at elevated temperatures, as well as in a mode where the fire resistance and heat resistance of the sealing compound are decisive. A number of efficiency of flame-suppressing of fillers is presented. Formulations of compositions based on epoxy oligomers or medium-density polyethylene whith synthetic zeolite having an optimal ratio of fire hazard and mechanical properties and not having toxic or carcinogenic effects when heated are recommended.
Description: Повышение огнестойкости полимерных материалов при их наполнении алюмосиликатами
ISSN: 1662-9752
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