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Title: Influence of the Fire Temperature Regime on the Fire-Retardant Ability of Reinforced-Concrete Floors Coating
Authors: Otrosh, Yurii
Kovalov, Andrii
Semkiv, Oleg
Konoval, Volodymyr
Chernenko, Oleksandr
Keywords: hollow-core reinforced-concrete floors
fire-resistant quality
fire-retardant coating
fireretardant ability
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Materials Science Forum
Citation: Trans Tech Publications Ltd, Switzerland
Abstract: In the paper, the tests have been analysed for fire-resistant quality of the hollow-core reinforced-concrete floors with fire-retardant plaster covering under standard temperature regime of the fire. Using the methodology for determining the characteristics of fire-retardant coatings ability for reinforced-concrete floors, the dependences have been obtained of the fire-retardant coating thickness from the concrete protective layer of a hollow-core reinforced-concrete floor for a fire resistance limit of 180 minutes with a temperature regime of hydrocarbon fire and a tunnel curve according to the Netherlands standards (RWS). It has been concluded about the minimum required thickness of the studied fire-retardant coating to provide the required fire resistance limit of a hollow-core reinforced-concrete floor under the indicated fire regimes.
ISSN: 1662-9752, Vol. 1006, pp 87-92
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