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Title: Комп’ютерні дослідження залізобетонних колон при високих температурних впливах
Authors: Отрош, Юрій Анатолійович
Рибка, Євгеній Олексійович
Keywords: залізобетонні конструкції
високотемпературні впливи
залізобетонні колони
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Conference Proceedings of the International Scientific Online Conference Topical Issues of Society Development in the Turbulence Conditions (May 30, 2020, Bratislava, Slovak Republic).
Citation: Publishing House VŠEMvs, 2020
Abstract: The unsatisfactory technical condition of many buildings and structures is the result of their aging and requires a quick assessment of the technical condition. The most promising way of verifying these experimental research data is computer simulation of structures, including during a fire. It is advisable to use the software ANSYS. Experimental fire tests of reinforced concrete columns were conducted. The actual physical and mechanical characteristics of the materials of structures are obtained. In order to assess the quality of the experiment and the reliability of the received temperature distribution, a computer simulation of both columns in the software complex was performed ANSYS R.17.1. A comparative analysis of the results of experimental studies and numerical analysis was carried out. The obtained results confirm that the technique of conducted experimental research and computer simulation with further numerical analysis can be recommended for practical application.
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