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Title: More Effective Clarification of Circulating Water at Coke Plants
Authors: Душкін, Станіслав Сергійович
Galkina, O.P.
Issue Date: Jan-2020
Publisher: Coke Chem
Series/Report no.: ;62
Abstract: Abstract Means of improving the operational efficiency of circulatory water systems at coke plants are considered. Attention focuses on systems in which the industrial-grade water is prepared by means of an activated solution of coagulant (aluminum sulfate). The activation of coagulant solutions and their use to treat industrial-grade water is studied. The influence of the settling velocity and content of suspended particulates on the effectiveness of water clarification is investigated. Effective means of activating the coagulant solutions are identified. Formulas are proposed for use in improving the water processing in circulatory water systems at coke plants.
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