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Title: Investigation of the effect of carbon monoxide on people in case of fire in a building
Authors: Дубинин, Дмитро Петрович
Остапов, Костянтин Михайлович
Аветісян, Вадим Георгійович
Шевченко, Сергій Миколайович
Говаленоков, Сергій Сергійович
Белюченко, Дмитро
Максимов, Андрій
Черкашин, Олександр
Keywords: carbon monoxide
rescuing people
Issue Date: 2020
Series/Report no.: 62 (4);
Abstract: The research has been conducted to determine the safe residence time for people in a room where the composition of the gas environment has deteriorated due to fire. Carbon monoxide, which is produced by fire, has been found to be lethal for human life and health. Determination of safe time was made based on the study of the composition and amount of fire load in premises and buildings, physical and chemical properties of carbon monoxide, and its effect on the human body. The graphical dependences of the concentration of carbon monoxide in a room, as a function of time, were obtained for eight variants. The results allow authors to determine the possible residence time of a person in a building during a fire before the lethal concentration of carbon monoxide occurs. Studies made it possible to determine the safe residence time of people in a building on fire in a calculated way and to compare it with the normative indicators of the onset of lethal concentration of carbon monoxide in the air. The results obtained determine the safe time during which a person can escape from the building on fire.
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