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Title: The new concept of laboratory support for educational institutions and scientific establishments
Authors: Борисова, Лариса Володимирівна
Тарадуда, Дмитрій Віталійович
Качур, Тарас Валентинович
Keywords: Laboratory support, Education of engineers and scientists, Practical skills, Laboratory work, Demonstration, Research
Issue Date: Jan-2021
Citation: Archives of Materials Science and Engineering
Series/Report no.: 107/1 (2021);С. 32-41
Abstract: Findings: The development and the first practical steps to implement the new concept of updating the laboratory support of educational institutions clearly demonstrate of its practical implementation' feasibility. Positive consequences from the implementation were identified as constant improvement of laboratory equipment, increase in the educators’ level, transformation of virtual distance learning based on lectures and videos into real learning with "live" visual demonstration of physical, chemical, biological and other processes and experimental research. As a recommendation, should wish that at the state level to recommend the implementation of this approach and to propose some legal mechanisms to overcome identified problems. Research limitations/implications: The present study was conducted for Ukrainian educational institutions with the involvement of foreign students from different countries studying in Ukraine. Practical implications: The introduction of a new concept into the educational process in countries with a weak economy will improve the educational quality and reduce the cost of creating laboratory support. Originality/value: Equipment should not only be a teaching tool, but also a teaching subject.
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