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Title: Application of virtual and augmented reality at nuclear power plants
Authors: Neklonskyi, I.
Popov, O.
Iatsyshyn, A.
Sokolov, D.
Yelizarov, A.
Keywords: Energy · Virtual nuclear power plant · Augmented reality · Virtual reality · Digitalization · Advanced training · Staff training
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: o Springer Nature Switzerland AG
Citation: Studies in Systems, Decision and Control, 2021, 346
Abstract: Development of nuclear energy is an important area of functioning of developed world countries. Nuclear power plants are objects of increased danger, so their development prospects are closely related to issues of safe operation and protection of territories, personnel, the environment on the territory of the station. Use of virtual and augmented reality technologies for energy sector received positive approval from the world’s leading countries. The research examined publications on positive aspects of virtual and augmented reality technologies application for various industries, in particular for nuclear energy. Practical examples of application of virtual and augmented reality technologies for operation of nuclear power plants are described. As a result of the study, it is determined that currently virtual and augmented reality technologies for nuclear power plants are used in the following areas: modeling of various nuclear energy processes; operation, repair and maintenance of equipment; presentation of activities, construction of the station; staff training and education. Use of virtual and augmented reality technologies for nuclear power plants confirms its economic efficiency through the reduction of cost and time costs of staff travel to facilities; elimination of design errors before the beginning of the stage of construction and installation works; increasing the level of industrial safety; improving the management of nuclear power plants.
ISSN: 2198-4182
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