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Title: Activated Lithium Fluoride – Inorganic Scintillator for Detecting Neutrino
Other Titles: abstract # TH-C-44
Authors: Charkina, Tamara A.
Eidelman, Lev G.
Goriletsky, Valentin I.
Kudin, Alexander M.
Krasovitskaya, Inna M.
Mitichkin, Anatoliy I.
Shlyakhturov, Valeriy V.
Uglanova, Valentina V.
Vinograd, Eduard L.
Keywords: LiF:W crystal
neutrino detection
scintillation characteristics
emission center
Issue Date: 1995
Publisher: SCINT
Citation: International Conference on Scintillation Materials and Their Applications (SCINT-95), Delft, Netherlands, 1995, book of Abstracts. - P.105
Series/Report no.: TH-C-44;p. 105
Abstract: Scintillation lithium fluoride has been obtained owing to successful completion of investigations directed for non-traditional activator search. Three scintillation materials have been obtained: LiF(Ti), LiF(Nb) and LiF(W). Emission center in these crystals is polyatomic quasi-molecule consisted of polyvalent impurity cation, oxygen ions and charge-compensating vacancies.
Description: poster presentation at SCINT-95
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