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Title: Investigation of the Properties of Powder Materials Using Computer Modeling
Authors: Ruban, Artem
Pasternak, Viktoriya
Samchuk, Lyudmila
Huliieva, Nataliia
Andrushchak, Igor
Keywords: sieve analysis
powder materials
powder backfill
average particle size
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Switzerland
Citation: Problems of Emergency Situations – 2021
Series/Report no.: Materials Science Forum;1038
Abstract: Granulometric characteristics of structurally inhomogeneous materials based on full-scale mounds of a powder mixture of different fractional composition are established. Regularities of backfilling of powder particles of different shapes and sizes are revealed, and changes in the polydispersity of powder particles within each fraction are justified. It is proved that with a decrease in the average particle size of structurally inhomogeneous AlCu2 materials in a single fraction, the size spread relative to this value of other particles increases. The results of calculating the porosity of backfills with particles of various shapes (round, triangular, and square) depending on the crosssectional area of the lobules are presented. A three-dimensional diagram is constructed that shows the relationships between the fractional composition of powder particles, their average diameter, and the degree of inhomogeneity of homogeneous bronze AlCu2.
Description: At the present stage of development of Mechanical Engineering Technology in a new and effective direction to expand the functionality of existing and create new approaches to the study of powder and heterogeneous materials, more and more attention is being paid to technologies for manufacturing structurally heterogeneous materials based on modern computer software [1, 2, 3]. Powder materials include a number of properties that need to be controlled in the process of manufacturing structurally heterogeneous materials, which include pressing density, quality and relationship of contacts with each other, grain sizes (particles), component content, shape and size of powders, etc [4, 5, 6].
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