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Title: CsI(Tl) + Photodiode Scintillation Assemblies for gamma-Ray and Proton Detectors
Authors: Kudin, Alexander M.
Borodenko, Yuriy A.
Didenko, Anna V.
Dudnik, Alexey V.
Keywords: scintillation detectors; CsI:Tl crystal, Radiation hardness, photodiode readout
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: maik
Citation: Instruments & Experimental Technique 53 (2010) 39-44
Abstract: CsI(Tl) crystal + Si photodiode scintillation assemblies have been designed to detect photons with energies of 60–1330 keV and protons with energies of 6–50 MeV. The spectrometric characteristics of the assemblies and their radiation hardness have been investigated. The assemblies are shown to have a high energy resolution: 19.6 and 4.6–5.0% for photons with energies of 59.6 and 662 keV and 3.9 and 1.5% for protons with energies of 10 and 20 MeV, respectively. The radiation hardness of these detectors is rather high: it corresponds to a dose of up to 1000 Gy under photon irradiation and fluxes of up to 10 12 protons/cm2 under exposure to protons.
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