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Title: Nvestigation of the influence of waterdispersion on the fire extinguishing process
Authors: Гарбуз, Сергій Вікторович
Дубінін, Дмитро Петрович
Криворучко, Євген Миколайович
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Collection of scientific papers «SCIENTIA» Chicago , USA. 2021
Citation: Collection of scientific papers «SCIENTIA» Chicago , USA. 2021
Abstract: The fire-fighting efficiency of water depends on the method of supplying it to the fire [1, 2]. The greatest fire-extinguishing effect is reached at its giving in a finely sprayed kind with dispersion about 100 microns [3]. The efficiency of extinguishing fires with finely sprayed water, which is due to the increased cooling effect due to the high specific surface of the droplets, uniform distribution of water droplets in the combustion zone, lower oxygen concentration and dilution of combustible vapors and gases in the combustion zone by water vapor
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