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Title: Protektion of Information Sovereignty as an Important Component of the Political Function of the State
Authors: Юрченко, Любов Іванівна
Keywords: state, politics, sovereignty, information, protection
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, Vol.21, Issue 9, Pages 151-154. DOI: 10.22937/IJCSNS. 2021, 21.9.20
Abstract: State information policy is an important component of foreign and domestic policy of the country and covers all spheres of society. The rapid development of the information sphere is accompanied by the emergence of fundamentally new threats to the interests of the individual, society, state and its national security. The article considers the components of the state information policy to ensure information security of the country and identifies the main activities of public authorities in this area. Internal and external information threats to the national security of Ukraine and ways to guarantee the information security of the country are analyzed. Information security is seen as a component of national security, as well as a global problem of information protection, information space, information sovereignty of the country and information support of government decisions. Approaches to ensure the process of continuity of the information security system of the state in order to monitor new threats, identify risks and levels of their intensity are proposed.
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