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Title: SUPERPAVE design mixture performance evaluation using Epolene modifier for cold semi-arid climatic region of Saudi Arabia
Authors: Neklonskyi, I.
Dahim, M.A.
Mosaby, M.
El Morabet, R.
Khan, R.A
Alqadhi, S.
Khan, N.A.
Ben Kahla, N.
Borysova, L.
Keywords: SUPERPAVE, Epolene, Dynamic modulus test, Flow number test, Indirect tensile test
Issue Date: 12-Dec-2021
Publisher: Association for Computational Materials Science and Surface Engineering
Citation: Archives of Materials Science and Engineering 2021; 112 (2): 49-54
Series/Report no.: 112/2;
Abstract: Purpose: To evaluate the superpave design performance using Epolene (EE-2) as modifier, since SUPERPAVE design is a modified and sophisticated aspect as compared to previous mix design for asphalt mixtures. This is primarily due to the fact that superpave design mix also takes into consideration properties of materials beside asphalt. Design/methodology/approach: This study was conducted using Epolene (EE-2) as modifier in order to evaluate the performance of SUPERPAVE suitability for construction of roads in Alfaraa campus (King Khalid University) Abha, in Asir Province of Saudi Arabia. Glow number test, dynamic modulus test and indirect tensile strength test were conducted to evaluate the performance of EE-2 modifier against the control mixture. Findings: The mixture modified with EE-2 gave better performance in terms of temperature-based performance and resistance to moisture damage. Also, larger values of E*/sinφ were obtained for EE-2 modified mixture at various loading frequencies and temperature in comparison to control mixture. Research limitations/implications: The Epolene modifier successfully enhances and improves the SUPERPAVE mixture performance. Further studies are required to evaluate the performance of EE-2 modifier at much lower temperature ranges. Practical implications: The results of the study allow us to recommend the investigated asphalt mixture for applied for the construction of roads in the Alfaraa (new campus of King Khalid University), Abha, Asir province, Saudi Arabia. Originality/value: A modified asphalt mixture has been proposed that has better performance at higher and lower temperatures. The developed asphalt mixture is more resistant to moisture damage than the compared to control mixture.
ISSN: 1897-2764
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