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Title: Hazardous gas chemical neutralization effect on its deposition rate
Authors: Мельниченко, Андрій Сергійович
Кустов, Максим Володимирович
Keywords: gaseous hazardous substances
chemical neutralization
Issue Date: 15-Apr-2022
Publisher: УГЗ МЧС Беларуси
Citation: Материалы XVI Международной научно-практической конференции молодых ученых, г. Минск, УГЗ МЧС Беларуси
Abstract: Use of chemical neutralizer is proposed to increase the effectiveness of chlorine hazardous gas deposition. Use of sodium hydroxide is proposed as the chlorine chemical neutralizer, which is easily dissolved in water, non-toxic and easy to store.
ISBN: 978-985-590-155-7 (Т. 1)
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