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Title: Technological Process of Manufacturing a Gear Wheel Using the Abaqus Software Product Method
Authors: Ruban, Artem
Pasternak, Viktoriya
Zhyhlo, Anna
Konoval, Volodymyr
Keywords: modelling
quality indicators
transcendent system
Issue Date: Jul-2022
Publisher: Switzerland
Citation: Trans Tech Publications Ltd
Series/Report no.: Advances in Science and Technology;114
Abstract: In this paper, we consider a detailed technological process for manufacturing parts, namely, a gear wheel. The proposed method with the intervention of modern 3D modelling makes it possible to improve the main indicators of quality and strength of parts. Based on the results obtained, a cycloid transcendental system of circular motion of a gear wheel with the specified basic parameters was modelled. Using multifunctional modules, we studied the vibrations of the gear wheel at different points in time. It was found that due to the fatigue and contact strength, it is possible to ensure uniform flexural strength of the gear teeth. And also, by adjusting the profile of the teeth of the part, we selected the desired strengthening coefficient. The presented dependence of the angles of inclination of the gear teeth on the transformation coefficient allows you to improve the main indicators of quality and strength by at least 2 %.
Description: Computer and information technologies of our time formulate the scientific and technological progress of mankind and create in general the information foundation for the development of science [1, 2, 3]. It should be noted that obtaining long-lasting indicators of quality [4, 5] and strength [6, 7] with their unique properties is possible with the help of new research technologies [8, 9, 10], which are based on improving accuracy, load capacity, as well as reducing the mass of parts [11, 12]. It should also be noted that the analysis of the main quality indicators of the studied parts will further improve and predict, first of all, these indicators [13, 14], as well as make it possible to improve the efficiency of the mechanism itself, reduce noise and vibration, as well as increase the durability of the part structure as a whole [15].
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