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Title: Current Trends in the Development of Automation Systems in Mechanical Engineering
Authors: Ruban, Artem
Pasternak, Viktoriya
Samchuk, Lyudmila
Hubanova, Alina
Suprun, Oleg SUPRUN
Keywords: machining
typical circuits
finite element method
spindle assembly modernization
Issue Date: Jul-2022
Publisher: Switzerland
Citation: Trans Tech Publications Ltd
Series/Report no.: Advances in Science and Technology;114
Abstract: In this scientific study, the problem of automation of machine-building production is justified. A 3D model of the lathe is presented and its design is improved. Standard layout schemes based on the upgraded spindle assembly have been developed, which make it possible to increase the speed of this type of machine. The results obtained make it possible to achieve the desired cutting speed, which has significantly increased by 2-2,5 times. The constructed dependence of the deviation on the roundness of samples by the finite element method allows predicting the main indicators: feed rate, spindle speed, cutting depth, static imbalance, initial and final pressure. Also, the obtained analytical results allow us to establish the main regularities of forming the accuracy of this lathe.
Description: The development of new technologies and manufacturing processes is conditioned by the raise of requirements applied to materials and products made out of them [1]. Considerable attention has been recently paid to the problem of creation of learning systems, which are capable of improving their functioning in the course of time [2]. Analysis of the current level of development of automation of machine-building production shows that the most effective way to increase the competitiveness of machine tools, which leads to a reduction in the cost of design, production and operation of equipment, is the use of new intelligent technologies [3, 4]. The most important component of which is automated research systems [5, 6].
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