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Title: Cluster Structure Control of Coatings by Electrochemical Coprecipitation of Metals to Obtain Target Technological Properties
Authors: HAPON, Yulana
Keywords: cluster
electrochemical alloy
electrochemical deposition
Issue Date: Jul-2022
Publisher: Solid State Phenomena
Citation: Solid State Phenomena
Series/Report no.: ;Vol. 334. P.70-77
Abstract: The article considers the possibility of controlling the macromolecular structure of ternary alloys in the form of compact coatings, which are obtained by electrochemical means. This method of obtaining metal clusters is more economical than from plasma one. The influence of the cluster structure of the synthesized coatings in the form of a triple alloy of polyligand complex electrolytes on their functional properties is shown. There are presented the results of testing coatings from this ternary alloy of different elemental and cluster composition for microhardness according to Vickers. The highest microhardness was obtained by the coating with the lowest molecular weight of the cluster, which provided a denser packing of atoms.
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