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Title: Prediction of the Structural Properties of Powder Materials by 3D Modeling Methods
Authors: Ruban, Artem
Pasternak, Viktoriya
Huliieva, Nataliia
Keywords: 3D modelling
particle distribution
powder materials
coordination number
initial parameters
powder size and shape
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Switzerland
Citation: Trans Tech Publications Ltd
Series/Report no.: 1068;
Abstract: This article examines the main problems of modelling spherical (circular) particles. The main method of the initial process of filling lobules using the Cauchy and Reynolds problem is substantiated. An image of an object-oriented complex of free fall of a spherical particle and their many non-collision spheres is presented. Based on the obtained research results, the main parameters of the process of filling particles of heterogeneous materials. An example of visualization of the developed software product for filling material particles is given, taking into account a number of cross-sections of a cylindrical hopper in height. A histogram of the distribution of material particles from porosity over the volume of a cylindrical hopper is also constructed
Description: Sustainable and modern trends in industrial development are the constant growth of standards and quality requirements for all types of new products [1, 2]. It is possible to obtain new materials, powder materials, and heterogeneous materials with stable characteristics using traditional manufacturing technology [3, 4] and powder metallurgy [5]. At the same time, it is necessary to control the main parameters of their structure during the manufacturing process [6, 7]. The most characteristic properties and characteristics that need to be controlled during the manufacturing process include [8]: the granulometric composition (starting material) of the charge, the shape and size of the grain, the density of the packed and molded billet, the quality of internal contacts, porosity, as well as its distribution over the volume of the entire mold
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