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Title: Establishing Environmental Standardization of Wastewater Composition Based on Environmental Risk Assessment
Authors: Рибалова, Ольга Володимирівна
Проскурін, Олег Аскольдович
Мальований, Мирослав
Белоконь, Карина
Іващенко, Тарас
Цапко, Наталія
Степова, Олена
Keywords: wastewater, pollutant, waterbody, environmental risk, limited concentrations, comprehensive quality indicator, optimization, water quality standards.
Issue Date: Sep-2022
Publisher: Journal of Ecological Engineering
Citation: Journal of Ecological Engineering 2022, 23(11), 139–146 ISSN 2299–8993, License CC-BY 4.0
Abstract: The article considers the problem of rationing wastewater discharge in terms of environmental risk management, caused by the pollution of waterbodies. The cases of using a simple indicator of water quality in the form of concentration of a substance, as well as a complex indicator of water quality were considered. The relevance of using a complex indicator is caused by the similar effect of various substances on the ecosystem and man. For both cases, the algorithms for determining the permissible composition of wastewater, ensuring compliance with the established standards of natural water quality in the control points of the water body with a given probability, were developed. In the case of using complex indicators in order to unambiguously solve the problem of rationing wastewater composition, permissible concentrations of substances were finally determined by solving the optimization problem. The optimization criterion is the minimum cost of water treatment. The method of ecological standard ization of wastewater composition suggested in the article is applicable for the case of normal probabil ity distribution of a substance in wastewater according to data of field measurements.
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