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dc.contributor.authorШведун, В.О.-
dc.contributor.authorАлієва, П.І.-
dc.contributor.authorЗубар, В.-
dc.descriptionThe article is devoted to the analysis of modern models of information consolidation systems in public administration. Distributed systems, and databases in particular, tend to offer a specific consistency model. These models ensure that if certain conditions are met, then the system can be expected to have certain properties (i.e. consistency or availability or network break resistance). In this context, a popular set of ACID properties is considered, which ensures that database transactions are processed reliably, compared to the opposite BASE model, which is derived from the CAP theorem, but seeks to provide a set of properties that differs from ACID.If to analyze the existing models of information consolidation systems, it is possible to obtain several gradations of them: financial information consolidation systems; systems depending on the storage architecture of the information used in the system; systems depending on the information pooling model; systems depending on the method of processing user requests; customer information consolidation systems; systems for consolidation of information about the company’s external environment; systems depending on the information analysis method. In particular, if to consider financial information consolidation systems in more detail, it is advisable to note that today they are presented on the market in the form of package programs, company resource planning systems and standard ETL tools. In turn, as for package programs, they occupy an overwhelming market share and can be presented as analytical systems of the CPM class and specialized financial consolidation systems.uk_UA
dc.subjectпублічне управління, системи консолідації інформаціїuk_UA
dc.subjectаналітичні системиuk_UA
dc.subjectлінійна модельuk_UA
dc.subjectтрансакційна модельuk_UA
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