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Authors: Ковальов, Андрій Іванович
Отрош, Юрій Анатолійович
Пурденко, Роман Русланович
Томенко, Віталій Іванович
Рашкевич, Ніна Владиславна
Щолоков, Едуард Едуардович
Keywords: fire resistance of structure
heat engineering calculation
reinforced concrete structures
fire retardant coating
fire resistance assessment
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies
Abstract: A finite-element model for the heat engineering calculation of fireproof reinforced concrete slab has been built, which is designed to assess the fire resistance concrete structures. A feature of the model is the correct choice of types of heat transfer in the cavities of reinforced concrete ceilings. An algorithm that includes experimental and calculation procedures in determining the fire resistance of unprotected reinforced concrete structures has been applied. The initial, boundary conditions for the construction of the model were formulated; the hermophysical properties of materials were substantiated. Thermal calculation of fireproof multi-hollow reinforced concrete ceiling under conditions of fire was carried out. The adequacy of the developed finite-element model was checked. A satisfactory convergence of experimental and calculated temperatures with an accuracy of 10 % was established, which would suffice for the engineering calculations. The model built makes it possible to assess the fire resistance of unprotected reinforced concrete structures. Thus, there is reason to argue that the model constructed can partially or completely replace the experimental assessment of fire resistance, provided that the construction and setting of the model parameters are correct.
ISSN: 1729-3774
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