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Authors: Абрамов, Юрій Олексійович
Коханенко, Володимир Богданович
Собина, Віталій Олександрович
Басманов, Олексій Євгенович
Коломієць, Валерій Станіславович
Keywords: fire installation operator operator reliability parameter variations dynamic parameters test impact
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2023
Publisher: Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies
Series/Report no.: 3/3 (123) 2023 Control processes;
Abstract: The object of research is the operator of a mobile fire installation; the subject of research is the operator’s characteristics, particularly his reliability. The method of determining the reliability of a mobile fire installation operator as a functional element of a dynamic system is substantiated. Operator failure is interpreted as the output of its frequency characteristics beyond permissible limits. Analytical dependences for variations of the operator’s frequency characteristics on variations of its parameters – transmission coefficient, delay time, and time constant are constructed. The amplitude and phase reliability of the operator of a mobile fire installation are determined using the Laplace functions, the arguments of which are the permissible values of variations in the frequency characteristics of the operator and variations of its parameters. Determination of variations of operator parameters is carried out by the instrumental method using the operator’s activity monitoring system. The test effect on the operator of a mobile fire installation is carried out in the form of a rectangular pulse that formalizes the change in the position of the combustion cell at a priori a given distance over a priori predetermined time. A signal characterizing the operator’s response to the test impact is determined using the Laplace integral transform. Measuring the parameters of this signal allows you to determine the variations in operator parameters that are used to determine its reliability. It is shown that for variations of operator parameters, the values of which are 10.0 % with RMS deviations of 3.3 %, with a probability of 0.8715 the amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency characteristics at the time of its control will not differ from their nominal values by more than 5.0 %. The requirements regarding the reliability of the operator’s activity control system are determined
ISSN: 1729-3774
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