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Title: Properties of Multi-Component Fire Extinguishing Systems Based on Light Bulk Materials
Authors: Makarenko, V.
Kireev, A.
Slepuzhnikov, E.
Hovalenkov, S.
Слепужніков, Є.Д.
Keywords: heptane, flammable liquids, fire extinguishing system, perlite, vermiculite, foam glass, dispersed powders
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Key Engineering Materials
Citation: Trans Tech Publications Ltd, Switzerland
Abstract: To extinguish flammable liquids, it is suggested to use a multi-component fire extinguishing system consisting of two layers. The first layer is designed to ensure the buoyancy of the fire extinguishing system. It is suggested to use crushed foam glass as the material of this layer. As the material of the upper layer, it is suggested to use light dispersed materials with increased thermal insulation properties. As such materials, the use of exfoliated perlite and vermiculite is justified. To increase the insulating and cooling properties of the fire extinguishing system, wetting of the upper layer with water is used. Bulk density, buoyancy in heptane and moisture retention of crushed foam glass, expanded perlite and vermiculite were experimentally determined. The insulating properties of binary layers of foam glass + perlite and foam glass + vermiculite were studied. The heights of the layers of dry and wet bulk materials necessary for extinguishing heptane were determined experimentally. A conclusion was made about the advantages of the proposed fire extinguishing system based on light bulk materials compared to the existing fire extinguishing means.
ISSN: 1662-9795
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