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Title: Development of technology for obtaining fat compositions with increased oxidative stability
Authors: Григоренко, Олександр Миколайович
Савельєв, Дмитро Ігорович
Михайлова, Євгенія
Кравцов, Михайло
Костюркін, Олег
Нікітін, Анатолій
Романюк, Валентин
Смольков, Олександр
Мещеряков, Іван
Баглай, Володимир
Keywords: fat composition
oxidative stability
induction period
oxidation inhibitor
free radical process
Issue Date: Jan-2023
Publisher: Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies
Citation: Saveliev, D., Hryhorenko, O., Mykhailova, E., Kravtsov, M., Kostyrkin, O., Nikitin, A., Romaniuk, V., Smolkov, O., Meshcheriakov, I., & Bahlai, V. (2023). Development of technology for obtaining fat compositions with in-creased oxidative stability. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 1(6 (121), 33–39.
Series/Report no.: 1(6 (121));
Abstract: The object of research is the process of fat oxidation at elevated and standard temperatures. Fats are used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. Oxidative deterioration changes the composition of fats, reduces the efficiency of chemical reac-tions involving fats and the quality of final products. An urgent task is to increase the oxidative stability of fats. The oxidative stability of fat com positions based on rapeseed, high-oleic sun-flower and palm oils by the induction period at a temperature of 110 °C was investigated. The induction periods of the initial oils were 408.48 min., 795.87 min. and 630.2 min., respective ly. Rational ratios of oils in the compositions were found: high-oleic sunflower: palm (50:50) %; rapeseed: high-oleic sunflower: palm (16.67:66.67:16.67) %; rapeseed: high-oleic sunflower: palm (33.33:33.33:33.33) %. The induction periods of the mixtures are 650.57 min., 710.56 min. and 670.56 min., respectively. The increase in the oxidative stability of the developed compositions using the mixture of synthetic antioxidants (butylhydroxyanisole, butylhydroxytoluene and tertbutylhydroquinone) in an amount of 300 mg/kg of fat mixture was studied. The induc tion periods of the developed compositions were 910.80 min., 1279.01 min. and 1072.90 min., respectively. The physicochemical parameters of compositions with the addition of antioxi-dants after 5 months of storage at a temperature of (20±2) °C were determined. The peroxide values of the compositions were 5.65; 3.28; 4.50 ½ O mmol/kg, re-spectively. The research results make it possible to produce fats with increased oxidative stability and necessary properties, to predict induction periods of fat compositions de-pending on the concentrations of components. This will increase the profitability of production and the quality of fats obtained.
ISSN: 1729-3774
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