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Title: A Generator of Aperiodic Current Pulses of Artificial Lightning of a Rationed Temporal Form of 10/350 μs with an Amplitude of ±(100–200) kA
Authors: Rudakov, S.V.
Baranov, M.I.
Koliushko, G.M.
Kravchenko, V.I.
Keywords: A high-power high-voltage generator,
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Moscow
Series/Report no.: № 6 Vol. 58;p. 745-750
Abstract: A high-power high-voltage generator that forms aperiodic current pulses of artificial lightning of a temporal form of 10 μs/350 μs and an amplitude of ±(100–200) kA with tolerances, which are normalized according to the IEC 62305-1–2010 International Standard, is described. The circuit and design solutions are described that make it possible, using a generator that is developed on the basis of capacitive energy storages, to provide the generation of aperiodic positive (negative) current pulses of a simulated lightning across an electric load with an ohmic resistance of 0.1 Ω and an inductance of 1.5 μH. The time in which the magnitude of the pulse amplitude I m reaches 106 kА is t m ≈ 24 μs, the pulse duration at a level of 0.5I m is τ p ≈ 340 μs, and the pulse-front duration is τ f ≈ 15 μs. The action integral of a current pulse of the first short stroke of artificial lightning with an amplitude of I m ≈ 106 kА, which was obtained according to the IEC 62305-1–2010 stan- dard, was J a ≈ 3.03 × 10 6 А 2 s, and the electric charge that passed through the aforementioned load was q l ≈ 52.2 C.
ISSN: 0032-8162
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