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Title: The improvement environmental safety of nanomaterials by means of environmental assessment
Authors: Bogdanov І., Vambol V., Suchikova Y.
Keywords: Еcological safety, nanomaterials, porous gallium arsenide, life cycle.
Issue Date: 2017
Series/Report no.: ТЕБ;1
Abstract: The article presents the recommendations for environmental assessment of nanoproducts. There have been worked outthe scheme of porous gallium arsenide lifecycle. The method of forming of porous layers of gallium arsenide has been improved. There have been done the expertise of por-GaAs and structures on its base - gallium nitride. It was found that porous gallium arsenide may be health hazardous. Porous gallium nitride is formed by the method of electrochemical etching in the solutions of acids. Such methods of synthesis of nanostructures pose an ecological threat. Understanding these threats will optimize the processes of formation and operation of nanomaterials for ecological safety.
Appears in Collections:Науково-технічний журнал «Техногенно-екологічна безпека» 2017

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