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Title: 3-D Radome-Enclosed Aperture Antenna Analyses and Far-Side Radiation
Authors: Wazhynsky, Sergej Eduardovich,
Sukharevsky, Ilya Vladimirovich
Sukharevsky, Ilya Olegovich.
Keywords: Aperture antenna, sidelobe supression.
geometrical optics, geomet- rical theory of diffraction, physical optics, radomes
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Publisher: Contents Continued from Front Cover
Citation: IEEE transactions on Antennas and propagation
Series/Report no.: 58 (9);
Abstract: Abstract—Physical optics integral representations of the fields are given for the 3-D model of the aperture antenna with specified ampliphase excitation law enclosed in a radome. The problem is reduced to finding fields of a plane wave diffracted on the “sym- metrized” radome. This model is used for calculations of radiation patterns and for analyses of far-field radiation. Peculiarities of the ray pattern and caustics are analyzed using geometrical optics (ge- ometrical theory of diffraction) method. The contribution of the stationary phase points in the aperture to the far-side radiation has been investigated. Results of numerical calculations are presented
ISSN: 018-926X
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