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Title: Scientific and practical problems of application of ecological safety management systems in technics and technologies
Other Titles: Науково-прикладні проблеми застосування систем управ- ління екологічною безпекою в техниці та технологіях
Authors: Sergij O. Vambol, Viola V. Vambol
Yana O. Suchikova, Igor V. Mishchenko
Olexandr M. Kondratenko
Keywords: ecological safety management
power plants
criterial and economic assessment of ecological safety
Issue Date: May-2017
Publisher: Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania i Administracji w Opolu
Citation: The Academy of Management and Administration in Opole
Abstract: The actual scientific and applied problems of creating of methodological basis of the ecological safety management system of exploitation process of power plants with piston internal combustion engines and the issues of criterial and economic assessment of ecological safety management systems functioning process efficiency have been considered in this monograph. Authors have analysed metrological, technogenic and ecological aspects of experimental researches of ecological safety level indicators and issues of mathematical modelling and calculated researches of technogenic and ecological safety ensuring processes. The monograph is intended for scientists, engineers and technical employees, graduate and post graduate students, cadets and adjuncts who are studying in specialties «Environmental Protection Technology», «Ecological Safety» and «Civil protection»
ISBN: 978-83-62683-42-0
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