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Title: Photo- and Radiation-Chemical Transformations of Carbonate Ions in CsI and CsI(Tl) Crystals
Authors: Grinev, Boris V.
Shpilinskaya, Larisa N.
Kudin, Alexander M.
Keywords: CsI and CsI:Tl crystals, molecular anions; radiation transformation
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: maik
Citation: Optics and Spectroscopy
Series/Report no.: vol. 89;# 1
Abstract: It is shown that irradiation of CsI and CsI(Tl) crystals containing carbonate and hydroxyl ions induces radiation defects there in the form of color centers, HCO3 ions, and H2O molecules. Bicarbonate ions are formed in the bulk of crystals, whereas water molecules are formed only in the surface layer.
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