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Title: The usage of high speed impulse liquid jets for putting out of gas blowout
Other Titles: Использование импульсных высокоскоростных струй жидкости для тушения газовых фонтанов
Authors: Виноградов, Станіслав Андрійович
Keywords: impulse liquid jet
powder impulse hydro-cannon
gas blowout
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Science and Education a New Dimension: Natural and Technical Sciences
Series/Report no.: І (2);15
Abstract: The experimental researches of gas flame suppression by means of high speed impulse liquid jet generated by powder impulse hydro-cannon have been carried out. The speed of the impulse jet depending on a charge energy ranged in the experiment from 300 to 600 m/s. By means of the laser non-contact measuring device the speed of the head jet right near the gas flame has been measured, the flow has been photographed. It has been shown that round the high speed impulse liquid jet in the air the high-speed cloud of splashes with the big cross-section is being formed which effectively forces down a flame of the gas flame on distances 10 - 20 m from installation.
ISSN: 2308-5258
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