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Title: Role of Sodium in Radiation Defect Formation in CsI Crystals
Authors: Trefilova, Larisa N.
Kudin, Alexander M.
Kovaleva, Ludmila V.
Charkina, Tamara A.
Mitichkin, Anatoly I
Belenko, Ludmila E
Keywords: Scintillation crystal
Color center
Radiation-induced defect
Absorption spectrum
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Elsevier Press
Citation: Radiation Measurements 33, 5 (2001) 687-692
Abstract: Radiation defect formation processes in large dimension CsI crystal scintillators have been considered. It is shown that F-centers are efficiently formed in crystals doped with CO32− and OH− ions. Sodium ions harden CsI crystals against radio-chemical reactions of F- centers, and HCO3− ion formation. The use of sodium as a co-activator to increase the radiation stability of CsI (Tl) crystals has been considered.
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