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Title: Transformations of molecular anions in irradiated cesium iodide crystals
Other Titles: LN , SI Vasetsky, LV Kovaleva, АM Kudin, АI Mitichkin, ТА Charkina
Authors: Shpilinskaya, Larisa N.
Vasetsky, Sergej I.
Kovaleva, Ludmila V.
Kudin, Alexander M.
Keywords: CsI Crystal
radiation defects
molecular anions
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Харьков: "Институт монокристаллов"
Citation: Functional materials (1999) 6, 2. - P. 365-369
Abstract: Photo-and radiation-induced chemical transformations in CsI and CsI (Tl) crystals containing molecular anions CO3 2−, ОН-, BO2− have been studied. The ionizing radiation has been found to initiate the decomposition of hydroxyl ions under formation of Hi 0. The diffusion of the latter in the solid solution results in a reaction causing formation of HCO3− ions and F and F like centers in CsI and CsI (Tl) crystals, respectively. Radiationchemical transformations of BO2− ions result in formation of BOc+, Oa− ions and F centers. The
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