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Title: Porous Nanostructured InP: Preparation and Properties
Authors: V. Vambol
Y. Suchikova
O. Kondratenko
S. Onishchenko
Keywords: porous layers
indium phosphide
surface of crystal
electrochemical etching
Issue Date: Oct-2017
Citation: 2017 IEEE International young scientists forum on Applied Physics and Engineering (YSF-2017)
Abstract: A general procedure is devised to control the process of formation of porous layers on semiconductor surfaces by the method of electrochemical etching. When controlling the process of pore formation on the surface of crystal, it is necessary to consider: conditions of pore formation, requirements that are put forward to quality of the obtained nanostructures, and mechanisms that underlie the process of pore formation. Main morphological criteria are selected of quality of porous nanostructures. These include diameter and depth of the pore, a degree of porosity of the surface of a nanostructured crystal. Taking into account these criteria, we received porous spaces on the surface of semiconductors InP. We determined the value of boundary voltage of the early pore formation for semiconductors of group A3V5 during etching
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