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Title: On the State of Activator in CsI(Na) Crystals Grown Under Forced Mixing of the Melt
Authors: Panova, Alexandra N.
Vinograd, Eduard L.
Goriletsky, Valentin I.
Korsunova, Sophia P.
Kosinov, Nicolay N.
Kudin, Alexander M.
Shakhova, Klavdiya V.
Keywords: CsI:Na Crystal
crystal growth
activator concentration
Light yield
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: Харьков: "Институт монокристаллов"
Citation: Functional Materials. 1998 - vol. 5, 4. – P.480-483.
Abstract: Effect of Nal concentration (C) on variations of some Csl(Na) crystal characteristlcs has been studied. The characteristics considered include: the optical absorption coefficient in the activator band; emission intensities of excitons localized at Na+ ions (420 nm) and in the regular lattice (840 nm) in the radioluminescence (RL) at 80 K; yields of stationary RL (241Am, 60 kev) (trnJ, y-scintillation 11s76s, 662 kev) (lr) and cr-scintillation (241Am, 5.9 meV) (Zo) for Csl(-lG) crystals grown under the forced melt mixing. The number of activator emission centers in those crystals has been shown to increase linearly as C rises up to about 2.2'l}-z mol.%. The -Lo value attains a maximum at C = 2.3.10-2 mol.% Nal while those of. Lpy and. L", at C = 910-3 moluh. The Nal solubility in Csl has been concluded to be at least 2.'2.10-2 mol.oh and thus to exceed substantially the literature data (from 8.10-3 mol.% to 1.10-2 mol.%). Therefore, the maximum tro value is due to a sufficient number of emission centers at the specified excitation density. The fact that the C value corresponding to the maximum .L" of Csl(Na) is lower than for Csl(Tl) crystals (about 2.5..1O-2 mol.% of Tll) is assumed io be caused by a larger size of the distorted lattice volume in the neighborhood of the light Na+ cation where the probability of the hole localization is increased.
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