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Title: Criteria based assessment of the level of ecological safety of exploitation of electric generating power plant that consumes biofuels
Authors: Кондратенко, Олександр Миколайович
Міщенко, Ігор Вікторович
Чернобай, Геннадій Олександрович
Деркач, Юрій Федорович
Сичікова, Яна Олександрівна
Keywords: electric generator, ecological safety, biofuels, model of exploitation, criteria based assessment
Issue Date: Nov-2018
Publisher: Publ. National Technical University “KhPI”
Citation: 2018 IEEE 3rd International International Conference on Intelligent Energy and Power Systems (IEPS–2018) : Conference Proceedings (10 – 14 september 2018). – 2018. – pp. 189 – 194
Abstract: This paper describes the results of a comparative calculation of a complex criteria based assessment of the level of ecological safety of the process of exploitation of a electric generating power plant on the basis of a diesel internal combustion engine and an alternating current generator that consumes a renewable energy source, namely biofuels. Two stationary models of operation of such power plant are proposed on the basis of the daily diagram of the diesel generator's operation – for power supply of industrial and domestic objects. The physical and chemical properties of biofuels and their impact on the toxicity of exhaust gases are taken into account. The comparative description of the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the operation of the diesel generator on the proposed models of exploitation and effects from its transfer to the use of a renewable energy source is carried out.
ISBN: 978-1-5386-9545-6
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