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Title: A contact problem solution with taking into account shear deformations
Authors: Fidrovska, N
Слепужніков Є.Д.
Perevoznik, I
Keywords: contact interaction, curved surface, lateral deformations, compression stresses, contact area
Issue Date: Feb-2019
Publisher: The journal is published by the support of Society for Cultural and Scientific Progress in Central and Eastern Europe
Citation: Society for Cultural and Scientific Progress in Central and Eastern Europe
Series/Report no.: 193;
Abstract: In the article the contact interaction of two elastic bodies with a curvilinear surface is considered, taking into account transverse deformations (changes in the surface curvature, or the excitement of the surfaces of the contact). The equations for determination of projections of deformations of the body surface points on three axes are derived. The stresses of compression in the contact area are determined. A tangential stresses caused by surface curvature changes are defined. The interaction of the profile beam of a drum and a rope and complex equations taking into account the features of the contact are considered. Normal and tangential stresses in the contact zone of a rope and a drum are defined. On the basis of the new provisions, a conclusion is made about the cause of the occurrence of tangential stress not only due to compression of the body, but also to the displacement.
ISSN: 2308-5258
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