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Title: Scintillation characteristics of heavily doped CsI:Tl,IO3 crystals
Other Titles: Сцинтилляционные характеристики сильно легированных кристаллов CsI:Tl,IO3
Authors: Shpilinskaya, Alexandra L.
Kudin, Alexander M.
Trefilova, Larisa N.
Zosim, Dmitriy I.
Keywords: CsI:Tl Crystal
crystal growth
scintillation characteristics
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: ННЦ "ХФТИ"
Citation: Problems of Atomic Science and Technology 4/122 (2019) 191-197
Series/Report no.: 4(122);
Abstract: The effect of IO3- ions on spectrometric characteristic of CsI:Tl crystal has been considered. It has been shown that co-doping of CsI:Tl crystal by IO3- anions permits to obtain clear ingots with increased thallium concentration up to CTl ~ 0,9 mole % in which the concentration quenching of photo- or radioluminescence do not observed. It has been shown that the decay of solid solution in CsI:Tl,IO3 crystals is not observed, at least up to CTl ~ 0.5 mole %, as evidenced by a good energy resolution (R = 6.3%) of samples with the specified Tl concentration and this also evidenced by a larger segregation coefficient of thallium in CsI:Tl,IO3 crystals (k=0,24 contrary to k=0,19 in CsI:Tl). An explanation of thallium solid solution stability in CsI matrix has been proposed which based on experimental fact of Tl+⋯ IO3- complex formation. Compensation of elastic stresses of opposite sign due to complex formation results in preventing of nucleation for solid solution decay
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